Watering Advice

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average ONE WEEKLY watering, depending on temperature.

Hand watering with hose:
– about 4 seconds per gallon of pot size (e.g., 12 seconds for a 3-gallon plant).
– water roots gently, using a wide-mouth soaker nozzle.
– LOW pressure if using an open end hose.

If it RAINS good, DON’T water. Rain might just supply ALL water needs.
A half-inch of rainfall counts as a watering.
Lesser rainfalls may miss roots, just dampening the mulch.

OVER 80 degrees out?
Apply MORE water, MORE often (up to every other day)
If YOU feel hot, your plants are hot. Don’t forget them.

UNDER 50 degrees out?
Apply LESS water, LESS often (but at least once every two weeks).
Cold of winter? With typical dormant season rain, very little human watering is needed.

Avoid overwatering! You may do more harm than good.
Plants getting watered too much, without a break, may suffer root rot.
Arborvitae, in particular, require less watering, especially when temps drop.

IF IN DOUBT, check moisture level with finger (or a moisture meter).
Maintain slight moisture level, but let rootball dry out a little once a month.

When do I reduce watering?
Reduce by HALF each year as plants get established.
If severe drought happens, water EVERYTHING, no matter how well established.

Over-watered plants can look like under-watered plants.
Wilting or color change can occur either way.
If watering has failed, let plant go dry a few weeks. It may pick up.

New plantings may shed leaves.
Going from a nursery to an exposed planting (more sun & wind), plants may go into ‘shock’. 
Usually temporary; maintain water and wait. Often it will re-leaf, even into mid-season.

Problems may not be watering-related.
Disease, fungus, or insects may visit upon your plants anytime, anywhere.
Try a garden store formula, like, Bio-Advanced 3-in-1 Insect, Disease & Mite Control. Spray on foliage as needed ~ or to prevent.

Plant grew so fast, it is leaning!
Foliage often outgrows stem. Give that plant a solid haircut!
Shear 1/3 to 1/2 of foliage off the uppermost areas.
It should straighten up with weight taken off.
It will be a stronger plant, and will regain stature fast.

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