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Elevated Planting Method

  1. Dig hole just a few inches wider than pot, and not as deep as rootball.
  2. Carefully remove plant from pot. Pull & spread out loose roots.
  3. Cut long & tightly wound roots from around plant to prevent girdling.
  4. Elevate about 1/3 above grade (1/5 if plant is a moisture-lover).
  5. Add a mix of diggings and planting soil into trench, up to grade level.
  6. Lock plant into place by ‘stuffing’ soil with blunt tool. Maybe use top end of shovel.
  7. Add rooting hormone in trench, against roots.
  8. Add long-term fertilizer in trench.
  9. Spread more soil.
  10. Add water-absorbing hydro-gel (comes as crystalline form).
  11. Spread a final layer of soil.
  12. Tamp all firmly into place.
  13. Spread a layer of hardwood mulch (3″ max).
  14. Keep soil & mulch off top of rootball, so plant can breathe.

Plant it high, rarely die
Plant it low, rarely grow

This method is rather different from other methods. Try Googling images of “tree planting method“. MOST of those diagrams show plants set at or below grade, at high risk of drowning (especially in a clay bed). Now try “garden planting method“. See the raised beds? If it WORKS for veggies, it will WORK for our plants.

  • won’t drown in heavy clay soil
  • won’t sink into sandier soils
  • less fungi/rot issues, as roots breathe better
  • stronger in storms, as roots burrow into undisturbed grade nearby

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