Frequently Asked Questions

Planting ~ Watering

How does this work?
No physical store to visit ▻HUGE online selection ▻all delivered. Get a copy of Price it, pick what you like, then share or attach back. FILE SHARE NOT REQUIRED. Feel free to just email your plant choices/ideas, address & phone. You will get an editable quote within 24 hours. Everything is delivered, no surprise visits. Mike@Trees2Go.com ~ Process

Can I trust download?
Yes. just an Excel file, uploaded from Raleigh. PLEASE TAP ‘Enable Editing’ (in top bar) to make picks & save file. File not cookied or tracked, so we do not see your picks until you copy or share back. OR, use links to Excel Online and Google Sheets (below the Price it embed).

Can I trust your plants?
Yes, over 20 years selling plants online. Trees2Go (T2G) finds the best plants, from proper sources. No ‘drive the lot, grab your plants’ growers. Plants are Guaranteed for initial quality, then 2-Year 50% Warranty applies.

Are quotes fast?
Yes, quote most often same day, via email. If over 24 hours lapse, check your spam/trash, as quote comes as an Excel attachment (or Excel Online or Google Sheets by request). If nothing received after 48 hours, please call.

Is delivery fast?
3 to 8 business days from order confirmation. Mainly, take orders one week, for delivery the following week. May be faster, if practical. Finalize by Sunday evening, for delivery that week.

How do you ship?
We don’t (no USPS, FedEX, etc). We personally pick up plants at growers, then deliver on a route, around the Eastern Triangle Area. Routes go out one to three times a week (rarely Mondays).

Drop plants on driveway?
No. Plants carried or carted to planting locations, assuming OK terrain & access.

Can I see plants first?
No. Neither does Trees2Go, as plants are at source growers (just-in-time model). Tap each plant’s Google Images link to see how they could look, in general. Careful, Google Search wanders, so verify each image by its title.

Are you expensive?
No. Compare to brick & mortar or online retail nurseries. Factor in volume discount & free local delivery. Likewise, the optional planting fees (by NVP) are good, for a dedicated professional planter.

Initial Height is data from the source (not always accurate) of minimum plant height, right now. Rootball (in pot) never counts.
Mature Height is what to design for, 15 to 30 years out. Most any plant will eventually get even larger, as plants just … never … stop … growing …

When is BEST time to plant?
🔹October to May🔹
~ ground rarely freezes
~ plants safer in ground
~ roots grow above 36ºF(air)
If frozen in pots, thaw
SPRING for flowers & grasses
~ active growing season
~ water often if hot/dry
~ there may be losses

How much watering?
go to Watering Advice page

How do I plant?
go to Planting Advice page

Who can plant for me?
NewViewPlanting.com (NVP)
Prices include soil, hormones, fertilizer, hydrogel, mulch, discount, and service warranty.
T2G will copy NVP into our email chain, with a copy of your order.
T2G coordinates timing, to install soon after delivery.
NVP contacts 811, as needed.
Pay T2G & NVP separately.

How much to plant?
T2G quotes on behalf of NVP.
NVP Volume Discount will apply.

Pot SizeWidth x DepthMax PoundNVP Fee
4″ square4″ x 3″1#$8
one quart5″ x 5″2#$13
four quart6″ x 6″4#$15
1 gallon7″ x 8″5#$16
2 gallon9″ x 9″7#$25
3 gallon11″ x 9″11#$38
5 gallon12″ x 9″20#$55
7 gallon13″ x 11″35#$75
10 gallon17″ x 12″65#$100
15 gallon16″ x 16″90#$120
20 gallon21″ x 14″130#$150
25 gallon22″ x 17″200#$180
30 gallon23″x 18″250#$200
45 gallon29″ x 18″400#$300
65 gallon30″ x 22″600#$400
95 gallon36″ x 24″900#$700
100 gallon38″ x 24″1000#$800
no sales tax for planting services

What does ‘gallon’ mean?
‘gallon’ is the nominal size
of the black plastic pots
your plants arrive in.
Not a true gallon measure.

What is Balled & Burlapped?
B&B is a type of harvesting.
Plant is cut out of ground
(losing 50%+ of if’s roots).
Roots BALLED into a ball shape &
then BURLAPPED. to hold together
(burlap cloth plus heavy wire).
No B&B sales. Awkward to plant, and then a lower survival rate.
Except:B&B in pots‘ are OK, as they will have developed roots in a larger pot for awhile.

When do you have sales?
~ no sales ~ no Black Friday ~ just good prices and a volume discount all the time. Occasionally, you may see a sale price (by grower) on a grower list. Please notify if lower price not reflected on Price It.

Any deer-proof plants?
No. Deer will eat most ANYTHING when they get hungry enough. AND, more than just eating, deer may rub tree bark raw, even toppling trees. FINALLY, deer may simply trample smaller plants.

How close should I space plants in a privacy line?
Use Mature Widths, on Price it.
No hurry? space at Mature Width.
Good privacy? space 1/2 Width.
Hedge row? space 1/3 Width.
For example, Green Giants reach 16′ wide. Plant 8′ apart (on center) for a good privacy screen.
Consider planting in a ‘W’ shape, if you have space.

How do I Mark Utilities?
PLANTER calls 811 or ONLINE
Free service
to locate & mark public utilities.
Usually within 72 hours.
Color Coded Paint (temporary):
Blue = Water
Orange = Communications
Red = Power
Yellow = Gas

Green = Sewer
(septic not marked)

How close can I plant to septic?
All plants will send out roots, that search for moisture, so no plant is totally safe. Generally, the smaller the Mature Size, the better for near septic. AND, no water-lovers near porous line. A good ARTICLE by NC Extension.

How is Trees2Go different?
Trees2Go has sold plants online longer than e-bay has sold cars.
Largest inventory around, and ground-breaking methods:
1. Sorted by MATURE HEIGHT
Scanning the list by height order leads to discovery.
2. Links to IMAGES & FACTS
Good info = good decisions.
3. Posting SOURCE information
Anyone can shop inventories of most all major growers. Prices are public, posted, and available for comparison.

Mike is webmaster. I value your feedback: typos, rants, raves. Thanks!

919-266-7939 or Mike@Trees2Go.com
4920 Mial Plantation Road
Raleigh, NC 27610
~ please, no visitors ~
plants are at local growers
~ website is our store ~