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Latin NameCommon NamePotQntyRetail
Abelia x grandiflora ‘Carolina Sunset’Carolina Sunset Abelia
    Ht 12-13″ x Wd 20-22″ now; Look Good538$59.95
Abelia x grandiflora ‘Kaleidoscope’ PP#16988Kaleidoscope Variegated Abelia
    Ht 11-12″ x Wd 15-16″; Look Nice3286$35.95
Abelia x grandiflora ‘Radiance’Radiance Abelia
    Ht 10-12″ x Wd 18-20″; Nice344$35.95
Acer buergerianumTrident Maple
    Ht 10-11′; Cal 2.25-2.5″; Average252$249.95
Acer griseumPaperbark Maple
    Ready May 15th-June 1st (Ht 6.5′ now)1560$289.95
    Ht 7-8.5′; Cal 1.75″; Nice (Next Crop July)2535$519.95
    Ht 11-12′; Cal 3-3.25″ now; Very Nice9510$899.95
Acer griseum x maximowiezia ‘Cinnamon Girl’Cinnamon Girl Maple
    Ht 10-11′; Cal 2.5-2.75″ now; Very Nice9512$899.95
Acer japonicum ‘Aconitifolium’Fernleaf Japanese Maple
    Ready Fall 2021 (October)1512$349.95
Acer japonicum ‘Rising Sun’Rising Sun Fernleaf Maple
    Ready June/July154$339.95
    Ht 8.5-9′ now; Cal 2.25″253$699.95
    Ht 9-9.5′; Cal 3.25″ now; Very Nice651$929.95
Acer palmatumGreen Seedling Japanese Maple
    Ht 7-8′; Cal 2-2.5″; Nice2512$479.95
    Low Multi-stem; Ht 9-10′; Look Good652$649.95
Acer palmatum ‘Bloodgood’Bloodgood Japanese Maple
    Ht 3.5-4′; Look Good783$143.95
    Ht 6-7′ now; Nice (Next Crop Fall 2021 – 150)159$295.95
    New Crop; Ht 7.5-8′; Cal 1.5-1.75″; Very Nice2555$699.95
Acer palmatum ‘Butterfly’Butterfly Variegated Japanese Maple
    Ready June 1st-15th (Ht 4-4.5′ now)732$175.95
Acer palmatum ‘Emperor I’Emperor I Japanese Maple
    Ht 4-5′; Nice752$143.95
    Ht 8′; Cal 1.5-1.75; Nice2545$699.95
Acer palmatum ‘Fireglow’Fireglow Japanese Maple
    Ready July 20211030$239.95
    Ht 6-6.5′; Cal 2-2.25″ now; Look Good253$689.95
Acer palmatum ‘Ghost Dancer’Ghost Dancer Japanese Maple
    Ht 10-11′ now; Cal 2.5″; Nice257$649.95
Acer palmatum ‘Hefner’s Red’Hefner’s Red Japanese Maple
    Ht 6-6.5′ now; Nice156$319.95
    Ht 7.5′; Cal 2.5-2.75″ now; Very Nice657$929.95
Acer palmatum ‘Kagiri Nishiki’Kagiri Nishiki Japanese Maple
    Ht 9-10′; Cal 3″ (Almost all green; Very little variegation; Still look good)251$389.95
Acer palmatum ‘Nuresagi’Nuresagi Red Leaf Japanese Maple
    Ht 9′; Cal 1.75-2″; Nice; Good red leaf Japanese maple2511$639.95
Acer palmatum ‘Omurayama’Omurayama Japanese Maple
    Ht 7-8′ x Wd 8.5′; Cal 3-3.25″ now; Look Good653$699.95
Acer palmatum ‘Purple Ghost’Purple Ghost Japanese Maple
    Ready May (Ht 4.5-5′ now)710$159.95
    Ht 5.5′; Look Good1027$249.95
    Ht 8-8.5′; Cal 1.75-2″; Look Good254$649.95
Acer palmatum ‘Red Pygmy’Red Pygmy Japanese Maple
    Ready Spring 2021 – May155$289.95
Acer palmatum ‘Rhode Island Red’Rhode Island Red Japanese Maple
    Ht 23-24″ x Wd 24″; Full; Very Nice75$175.95
    Ready May 15th153$319.95
    Ht 8-9′; Cal 3-3.25″ now; Nice653$1,299.95
Acer palmatum ‘Ryusen’Ryusen Weeping Japanese Maple
    Ht 4.5′; Spread 4.5′; Cal 2″; Very Nice; Weeping to the Ground256$649.95
Acer palmatum ‘Sango Kaku’Coral Bark Japanese Maple
    Ready June 15th156$319.95
    Ht 7.5-8′; Cal 1.5-1.75″ now; Very Nice (Next Crop September)252$699.95
    Ht 9′; Cal 2.5″; Very Nice; Great bark color652$919.95
Acer palmatum ‘Sharp’s Pygmy’Sharp’s Pygmy Japanese Maple
    New Crop; Lightly Rooted; Ht 22-24″ x Wd 24-26″ now; Very Nice721$195.95
    Ht 4.5-5′ x Wd 6′; Cal 3.5″; Nice452$849.95
Acer palmatum ‘Shirazz’Shirazz Gwen’s Rose Delight Japanese Maple
    Ht 5.5′; Cal 1.75-2″; Low Branched; Nice255$589.95
Acer palmatum ‘Shishigashira’Shishigashira Japanese Maple
    Ht 5.5-6′; Cal 2-2.25″; Nice2535$849.95
    Ready May 2021 (Ht 6′; Cal 2″ now; Very Nice)4510$989.95
    Ht 5.5-6.5′; Cal 3.75″; Nice (Next Crop Fall 2021)652$1,299.95
Acer palmatum ‘Suminagashi’Suminagashi Japanese Maple
    Ht 5.5-6′ now; Look Good255$539.95
Acer palmatum ‘Tsukasa Silhouette’Tsukasa Silhouette Japanese Maple
    Ht 6-7′; Nice723$151.95
    Ht 8′; Cal 2″; Very Nice; Super Full154$309.95
Acer palmatum ‘Twombly’s Red Sentinel’Twombly’s Red Sentinel Japanese Maple (upright red)
    Ht 5.5-6′ now; Nice75$159.95
    Ht 6-6.5′ now; Nice151$329.95
    Ht 8-9′; Cal 2″; Very Nice (Next Crop July/August)2514$749.95
Acer palmatum Dragon Tears(TM)Dragon Tears(TM) Japanese Maple
    Ready May 15th715$167.95
Acer palmatum var. dis. ‘Emerald Lace’Emerald Lace Cutleaf Japanese Maple
    Ready June 15th-July 1st1015$269.95
Acer palmatum var. dis. ‘Inaba Shidare’Inaba Shidare Cutleaf Japanese Maple
    Ht 3-3.5′ x Wd 30-32″; Nice1524$295.95
    Young Crop; Ht 3-3.5′ x Wd 4-4.5′; Look Good (Next Crop Fall 2021)251$649.95
Acer palmatum var. dis. ‘Lemon Lime Lace’Lemon Lime Lace Cutleaf Japanese Maple
    Ready September/October 2021730$179.95
Acer palmatum var. dis. ‘Red Dragon’Red Dragon Japanese Maple
    Ready July 15th735$159.95
Acer palmatum var. dis. ‘Seiryu’Seiryu Cutleaf Japanese Maple
    Ready June 1st-15th1522$309.95
    Ht 8.5-9′; Cal 1.75-2.25″; Nice251$749.95
    Ht 10′; Cal 4.25″; Very Nice (Next Crop Spring 2021 – May)651$1,049.95
Acer palmatum var. dis. ‘Tamukeyama’Tamukeyama Cutleaf Japanese Maple
    Ht 3-3.5′ x Wd 3.5′; Nice (Next Crop Fall – 280)1512$309.95
    Ready October 20212595$699.95
Acer palmatum var. dis. ‘Viridis’Viridis Cutleaf Japanese Maple
    Ht 4-4.5′ x Wd 4.5′; Very Nice253$779.95
Acer palmatum var. dis. ‘Waterfall’Waterfall Japanese Maple
    Ht 38-42″ x Wd 36-40″ now; Nice1534$309.95
    Ht 4-4.5′ x Wd 4-4.5′; Very Nice258$689.95
Acer rubrum ‘Autumn Radiance’Autumn Radiance Red Maple
    Ht 13-14′; Cal 2.25″ now; Nice2533$239.95
Acer rubrum ‘Brandywine’Brandywine Red Maple
    Ht 9′; Cal 1-1.25″; Nice7247$75.95
    Ht 9-9.5′; Cal 1.5+”; Nice15141$135.95
    Ht 11-12′; Cal 2.25″ now; Nice2549$239.95
Acer rubrum ‘Karpick’Karpick Columnar Red Maple
    Ht 14′; Cal 2.5″252$239.95
Acer rubrum ‘October Glory’October Glory Red Maple
    Ht 8-9′ now; Cal 1-1.25″; Very Nice7220$75.95
    Ht 10′; Cal 1.5″; Nice1573$135.95
    Ht 11-12′; Cal 1.75-2″ now; Nice25170$239.95
Acer rubrum ‘Sun Valley’Sun Valley Red Maple
    Ht 8-9′ now; Cal 1.25″; Nice7295$75.95
    Ht 9-10′; Cal 1.5″; Nice15161$135.95
    Ht 11-12′; Cal 2-2.25″ now; Very Nice (Next Crop May)2524$239.95
Acer rubrum Redpointe(R) PP#16769Redpointe (R) Red Maple
    Ht 10-10.5′; Cal 1.75″ now; Very Nice1513$135.95
    Ht 10-11′; Cal. 2-2.25″; Nice2535$239.95
Acer rubrum Summer Sensation(R) PP#21076‘Katicote’ Summer Sensation Red Maple
    Ht 10′; Cal 1.75″; Nice; New Growth Red1549$135.95
    Ht 9-10′; Cal 2″252$239.95
Acer saccharum ‘Legacy’Legacy Sugar Maple
    New Crop; Ht 9-10′; Cal 1.25-1.5″; Nice tops (Next Crop June)2528$279.95
Acer truncatum x platanoides Crimson Sunset (TM)Crimson Sunset (TM) Maple
    Ready June/July 20211518$179.95
Acer x freemanii ‘Autumn Fantasy’Autumn Fantasy Red Maple
    Ht 10-11′; Cal 2.25-2.5″ now; Nice2523$239.95
Aesculus paviaRed Buckeye
    Ht 34-38″; Flushing; Some Buds/Flowers; Nice779$69.95
Amelanchier canadensis ‘Rainbow Pillar’Rainbow Pillar Serviceberry Single
    Single Trunk Tree Form; Ready June 15th1520$143.95
Amelanchier x grandiflora ‘Autumn Brilliance’ PP#5717Autumn Brilliance(R) Serviceberry Single
    Single trunk; Ht 6.5-7′ now; Lightly rooted; Nice7232$75.95
    Single trunk; Ht 8.5-9′; Cal 1″; Lightly rooted1552$143.95
Amelanchier x grandiflora ‘Autumn Brilliance’ PP#5717 ShrubAutumn Brilliance(R) Serviceberry Shrub
    Shrub Form; Ht 3.5-4′ now; Nice778$79.95
Amelanchier x grandiflora ‘Autumn Brilliance’ PP#5717*Autumn Brilliance(R) Serviceberry MS
    Multi-stem; Stems Individually Staked; Ready May 15th722$79.95
    Multi-stem; Stems Individually Staked; Ht 6-7′ now; Very Nice15418$149.95
Asimina trilobaPawpaw Tree
    Ready June 1st783$115.95
Aucuba japonica ‘Gold Dust’Gold Dust Aucuba
    Ht 26-28″; Nice; Full332$27.95
    Ht 36-40″; Full; Nice7132$71.95
Aucuba japonica ‘Hosoba Hoshifu’Hosoba Hoshifu Aucuba
    Ht 16-18″ now; Very Nice; Lightly Rooted3284$27.95
Aucuba japonica ‘Limbata’Limbata Aucuba
    Ht 20-22″ now; Nice with spring flush – April 15th72$69.95
Aucuba japonica ‘Marmorata’Marmorata Japanese Aucuba
    Ht 22″ now; Okay; Don’t all match33$27.95
Aucuba japonica ‘Mr. Goldstrike’Mr. Goldstrike Japanese Aucuba
    Ready May 15th78$79.95
Aucuba japonica ‘Picturata’Picturata Aucuba
    Ht 22-24″; Nice!323$21.95
Aucuba japonica ‘Rozannie’Rozannie Japanese Aucuba
    Ht 16-18″ now; Nice; Dark Green Foliage31$27.95
Betula nigra ‘Dura Heat'(R)Dura Heat(R) River Birch
    Multi-stem; Young Crop; Ht 5-5.5′; Nice721$63.95
    Multi-stem(3); Ht 8′; Okay1544$129.95
    Multi-stem(3); Ht 10-11′; Combined Cal 3.5-3.75″2534$249.95
Betula nigra ‘Dura Heat'(R) Std.Std. Dura Heat(R) River Birch
    Single Trunk; Ready June 15th1522$129.95
Betula nigra ‘Little King’Little King Dwarf Birch
    Ht 38-42″ x Wd 38-42″ now; Very Nice; Full1518$167.95
Buxus microphylla ‘John Baldwin’John Baldwin Boxwood
    Ht 30-32″ now; Nice (Upright grower)5179$89.95
Buxus microphylla ‘Koreana’Korean Littleleaf Boxwood
    Ht 18-19″ x Wd 18-19″ now; Look Good; Sheared; Full758$75.95
Buxus microphylla ‘Winter Gem’Winter Gem Littleleaf Boxwood
    Ready May 15th (Ht 11-12″ now; Reflushing from frost burn)3234$25.95
    Ht 23-24″ x Wd 20-22″; Full; Nice (Next Crop Late May – 250)7189$75.95
Buxus microphylla ‘Wintergreen’Wintergreen Littleleaf Boxwood
    Ht 19-20″ x Wd 17-18″; Sheared; Flushing now; Look Good764$75.95
    Ht 22-24″ x Wd 26-28″; Good151$147.95
Buxus sempervirensAmerican Boxwood
    B&B potted into 15gal pot; Ht 24-28″ x Wd 20-21″ now; Nice1580$195.95
    B/B potted into 20 gal pot; Ht 32-34″ x Wd 24-26″ now; Nice20105$275.95
Buxus sempervirens ‘Dee Runk’Dee Runk Boxwood
    Ht 40-42″ now; Nice1019$255.95
    B&B potted into 20 gal; Ht 46-48″ x Wd 16-17″ now; Full; Very Nice2094$355.95
Buxus sempervirens ‘Rotundifolia’ 2-BallRotundifolia Boxwood 2-Ball [Topiary]
    2-Ball; Overall Ht 32-36″ now; Very Nice1036$255.95
Buxus sempervirens ‘Unraveled’Weeping American Boxwood
    Ht 28-32″ now; Staked; Nice5123$55.95
Buxus sempervirens 3-BallAmerican Boxwood 3-Ball (Topiary)
    Ht 40″: 3-ball Topiary; Look Good103$369.95
    3-ball topiary; Ht 4′151$489.95
Buxus sempervirens SpiralAmerican Boxwood Spiral [Topiary]
    Ht 28-30″; Look Good; Young Crop716$259.95
Buxus x ‘Green Mountain’ – 2 ballGreen Mountain Littleleaf Boxwood 2-ball [Topiary]
    Ht 26-28″: 2-ball Topiary; Look Good732$269.95
    Overall Ht 24-26″; NICE; Tight Prune on Topiary Balls106$295.95
Buxus x ‘Green Mountain’ – CONEGreen Mountain Littleleaf Boxwood Cone
    Cone Pruned; Ready After May 15th (Ht 24″ now)732$115.95
Buxus x ‘Green Mountain’ – SpiralGreen Mountain Littleleaf Boxwood Spiral
    Spiral; Ht 44-46″; Nice; Not Matching101$349.95
Callitropsis glabra Carolina SapphireCarolina Sapphire Cypress
    Ready May 15th (Ht 4.5′ now)7146$69.95
    Ready June 1st (Ht 5.5′ now)15148$135.95
Calycanthus x ‘Aphrodite’Aphrodite Sweetshrub
    Ready June 15th1060$91.95
Camellia japonica ‘April Pink’April Pink Spring Blooming Camellia
    (New Cold Hardy Japonica) Ready May 15th733$83.95
Camellia japonica ‘April Tryst’April Tryst Spring Blooming Camellia
    Ready August/September 2021780$83.95
Camellia japonica ‘Governor Mouton’Governor Mouton Spring Blooming Camellia
    Ready July/August7100$83.95
Camellia japonica ‘Korean Fire’Korean Fire Spring Blooming Camellia
    Ready July 20217160$83.95
Camellia japonica ‘Professor Sargent’Professor Sargent Spring Blooming Camellia (red)
    Ready August/September7150$83.95
Camellia japonica ‘Red Jade’Red Jade Spring Blooming Camellia
    Ready May/June 2021770$83.95
Camellia japonica ‘Rosehill Red’Rosehill Red Camellia
    Ready Spring 2021- May (Ht 24″ now; Buds!)711$83.95
Camellia sasanqua ‘Autumn Rocket’Autumn Rocket Fall Blooming Camellia
    Ready June 15th790$79.95
Camellia sasanqua ‘Cleopatra’Cleopatra Fall Blooming Camellia (pink)
    New Crop; Young; Ht 28-30″; Lightly rooted559$59.95
Camellia sasanqua ‘Cotton Candy’ MSTFCotton Candy Fall Blooming Camellia (lt pink semi-double)
    Ht 6-6.5′; Good Structure; Nice; Buds (Next Crop September)251$355.95
Camellia sasanqua ‘Hana Jiman’ MSTFHana Jiman Fall Blooming Camellia MSTF
    MSTF; Ready September1570$195.95
Camellia sasanqua ‘Hot Flash’Hot Flash Fall Blooming Camellia
    Ht 18-20″ x Wd 26-28″ now; Full; Nice722$79.95
Camellia sasanqua ‘Kanjiro’Kanjiro Fall Blooming Camellia (rose pink)
    Ready June 20211526$169.95
Camellia sasanqua ‘Kanjiro’ Esp.Kanjiro Fall Blooming Camellia Espalier (rose pink)
    Espalier; Ht 40″ on trellis; Coverage 85-90%; Look Good72$129.95
Camellia sasanqua ‘Kanjiro’ MSTFKanjiro Fall Blooming Camellia (rose pink)
    MSTF; Ready August 20211556$195.95
Camellia sasanqua ‘Maiden’s Blush’ MSTFMSTF Maiden’s Blush Fall Blooming Camellia
    MSTF; Ht 6.5′; Looks Good251$355.95
Camellia sasanqua ‘Martha Sims’Martha Sims Winter Hardy Camellia (red)
    Ht 32-34″ now; Look Nice718$79.95
Camellia sasanqua ‘October Magic Orchid’October Magic Orchid Fall Blooming Camellia (white/pink semi-double)
    Ht 28-30″ x Wd 24-26″ now; Full; Very Nice7245$79.95
Camellia sasanqua ‘Pink-A-Boo’Pink-A-Boo Fall Blooming Camellia
    Pink Flowering Yuletide; Ht 32-34″ now; Nice; Lightly rooted772$83.95
Camellia sasanqua ‘ShishigashiraShishigashira Fall Blooming Camellia (rosey pink)
    Ready May 15th (Young Crop; Ht 14-15″ x Wd 20-23″; Better with flush)7248$83.95
Camellia sasanqua ‘Sparkling Burgundy’Sparkling Burgundy Fall Blooming Camellia (Pink)
    Ht 32-34″ x Wd 28-30″; Nice; Full753$79.95
Camellia sasanqua ‘Sparkling Burgundy’ MSTFSparkling Burgundy Fall Blooming Camellia MSTF
    Ready October 20211580$195.95
Camellia sasanqua ‘Survivor’Survivor Fall Blooming Camellia (single white)
    Ready July 15th7260$79.95
Camellia sasanqua ‘Yuletide’Yuletide Fall Blooming Camellia (red)
    Ready August/September 20211560$189.95
Camellia sasanqua ‘Yuletide’ ESPYuletide Fall Blooming Camellia (red) Espalier
    Espalier; Ht 4-4.5′ x Wd 28″ now; Buds; Flowers; Look Good151$279.95
Camellia sasanqua Shishigashira ‘Royal Flush‘Royal Flush’ Shishigashira Fall Blooming Camellia (rosey pink)
    Ht 22-24″ x Wd 28-30″; New Growth Variegated then fades; Nice; Full71$83.95
Camellia x ‘Autumn Spirit’Autumn Spirit Camellia (pink)
    Ht 32-34″ x Wd 26-28″ now; Very Nice; Full7342$79.95
Camellia x ‘Winter Star’Winter Star Winter Hardy Camellia (pink)
    Ready Late May (Ht 30-32″ now; flushing heavy)7180$79.95
Camellia x ‘Winter Star’ Esp.Winter Star Winter Hardy Camellia Espalier (pink)
    Espalier; Ht 46-48″ on trellis; Coverage 90-95%; Look Good751$129.95
Carpinus betulus ‘Fastigiata’Upright Hornbeam
    Ready May 15th752$91.95
    Ht 8′; Cal 1-1.25″; Very Nice (Next Crop Sept/Oct)1582$167.95
Carpinus carolinianaAmerican Hornbeam
    Ready September/October7300$89.95
    Ht 8.5-9′; Cal 1.25-1.5″; Nice (Next Crop Fall)151$163.95
    Ready August/September 20212512$329.95
Castanea mollissimaChinese Chestnut
    Ht 7.5-8′; Nice7120$75.95
Cedrus atlantica ‘Glauca Pendula’Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar
    Serpentine; Ht 4.5-5′; Nice765$149.95
    Serpentine; Ht 4-4.5′ now; Look Great102$259.95
    Serpentine; Ht 5.5-6′ now; Nice; Cal 2-2.25″ (Next Crop Fall 2021)256$589.95
    Serpentine/Heavy Caliper; Ht 4.5′; Cal 3″ now456$699.95
Cedrus atlantica ‘Glauca’Blue Atlas Cedar
    Ht 7-8′; Look Good151$289.95
    Ht 9′; Cal 1.75-2″; Very Nice2512$489.95
Cedrus deodaraDeodar Cedar
    Ready October 20217200$75.95
    Young Crop; Ht 4.5-5.5′; Sheared; Look Good1518$147.95
Cedrus deodara ‘Prostrate Beauty’Prostrate Beauty Deodar Cedar
    Ht 12-13″ x Wd 22-24″; Nice711$151.95
    Ht 15″ x Wd 28-30″108$187.95
Cephalotaxus harringtonia ‘Duke Gardens’Duke Gardens Japanese Plum Yew
    Ht 14-15″ x Wd 14-15″; Very Nice35$43.95
    Ready May 15th 2021 (Ht 14-15″ x Wd 17-18″ now; Flushing)5140$75.95
    Ht 22-24″ x Wd 22-24″ now (Next Crop Fall – 1000)71007$95.95
    Ready August 20211075$147.95
Cephalotaxus harringtonia ‘Fastigiata’Upright Japanese Plum Yew
    Ht 30-34″ now; Full; Nice (Next Crop Fall)7719$91.95
Cephalotaxus harringtonia ‘Fritz Huber’Fritz Huber Japanese Plum Yew
    Ready June 15th760$91.95
Cephalotaxus harringtonia ‘Hedgehog’Hedgehog Japanese Plum Yew
    Ready August/September 20215295$75.95
    New Crop; Ht 18-20″ x Wd 20-22″ now779$107.95
Cephalotaxus harringtonia ‘Prostrata’Prostrate Japanese Plum Yew
    Ready July5250$71.95
Cephalotaxus harringtonia Tree FormJapanese Plum Yew TF
    Single Stem; Ht 5.5-6′ now; Nice (Next Crop June)1532$169.95
Cercis canadensis ‘Alley Cat’Alley Cat Eastern Redbud
    Ht 6-6.5′ now; Nice72$75.95
Cercis canadensis ‘Flamethrower’Flamethrower Redbud
    Ready September/October7100$103.95
    Ready September/October10100$135.95
    Ready September/October15100$149.95
Cercis canadensis ‘Golden Falls’Golden Falls Redbud
    Ready September/October775$89.95
Cercis canadensis ‘Pink Pom Poms’Pink Pom Poms Redbud
    Ht 7-7.5′; Nice734$75.95
Cercis canadensis ‘Rising Sun’Rising Sun Redbud
    Ready September/October7100$89.95
    Ready October15150$151.95
Cercis canadensis ‘Ruby Falls’ PPAF – LOW MOUNDRuby Falls Weeping Redbud LOW MOUND
    Low Mounding; Ready May 15th (Ht 28-34″ x Wd 34-36″ now)1038$139.95
Cercis canadensis ssp. texensis ‘Traveller’ PP#8640Traveller Weeping Redbud
    Ready August/September1511$169.95
Cercis chinensis ‘Kay’s Early Hope’Kays Early Hope Redbud
    Ht 5.5-6′; Single Trunk; Nice1538$129.95
Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Compacta’Compact Hinoki False Cypress
    Ht 7′ now; Open oriental garden look; Nice453$589.95
Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Crippsii’Crippsii Hinoki Falsecypress
    Ht 26-30″ x Wd 28-32″; Look Good729$75.95
Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Filicoides’Fernspray Falsecypress
    New Crop; Ht 30-32″ now; Sheared; Full7150$75.95
    Ready May (Ht 4-4.5′ now; Nice)1512$155.95
Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Filicoides’ MSTFFernspray Falsecypress MSTF
    MSTF; Ready June/July253$349.95
Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Golden Fernspray’Golden Fernspray Hinoki Cypress
    Young Crop; Ht 23-24″; Good Color; Lightly Rooted750$83.95
Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Gracilis’Slender Hinoki Falsecypress
    Ready May (Ht 4.5-5′ now)153$289.95
Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Kosteri’‘Kosteri’ False Cypress
    Ready September/October7150$87.95
Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Lutea Compacta’Compact Golden Hinoki False Cypress
    Ht 24-26″ x Wd 24″ now; Good Color; NICE; Full7118$87.95
Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Nana’ STD‘Nana’ Dwarf Hinoki Cypress
    STD; Overall Ht 32-34″; Clear Trunk to 21″; Nice71$179.95
Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Night Light’Night Light Chamaecyparis
    Ht 32-34”; Wd 38-42”; Very Nice1059$151.95
Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Spirited’Spirited Hinoki Cypress
    Ht 34-36″ now; Look Good; Nice Color (Gold)754$87.95
Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Tetragona Aurea’Golden Fernleaf Cypress
    Ready May 1 (Ht 3.5′ now; Average)72$79.95
    Ready May 15th1515$167.95
Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Tetragona Aurea’ STDSTD Golden Fernleaf Cypress
    Ready May 20211544$195.95
Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Golden Mops’Gold Mop Falsecypress
    New Young Crop; Ht 9″ x Wd 14-15″; Look Good3197$26.95
    Ht 18-20″ x Wd 30-32″ now; Nice712$75.95
    Ht 36-38″ x Wd 4′ now; Nice1545$147.95
Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Golden Mops’ Pom PomGold Mop Falsecypress [Topiary]
    Ht 32-34″; 4-5 PomPoms; Look Good201$589.95
Chionanthus pygmaeusPygmy Fringetree
    Grafted Male Clone; North Carolina Sales Only; Ht 4-5′; Very Nice722$83.95
    Ready September 2021; Single Trunk TF (Grafted Male Clone; NC sales Only)7115$83.95
Chionanthus retususChinese Fringetree
    Ready August/September2596$329.95
Chionanthus retusus ‘Arnold’s Pride’Arnold’s Pride Chinese Fringetree
    Ready September/October15130$163.95
Chionanthus retusus ‘China Snow’China Snow Chinese Fringetree
    Ready August/September745$89.95
Chionanthus retusus ‘Tokyo Tower’Tokyo Tower Chinese Fringetree
    Ready September/October7110$89.95
    Ready July1549$163.95
Chionanthus virginicusWhite Fringetree
    Multi-Stem; Ready October7175$75.95
    Multi-Stem; Ht 3.5′ now; Nice (Next Crop September)101$115.95
    Multi-Stem; Ready May/June 20211574$147.95
Chionanthus virginicus ‘Spring Fleecing’Spring Fleecing Fringetree
    Ready June (Single Trunk TF; Ht 6-7′ now)1541$159.95
Cladrastis kentuckeaAmerican Yellowwood
    Ht 7-8′; Okay715$87.95
Cladrastis kentuckea ‘Perkins Pink’Perkins Pink American Yellowood
    Ht 6-7′ now; Look Good720$89.95
    Young Crop; Ht 8-9′; Cal 1-1.25″1510$155.95
Cornus florida ‘Cherokee Princess’Cherokee Princess Flowering Dogwood
    Ready August/September1040$127.95
Cornus kousa ‘Blue Ray’Blue Ray Kousa Dogwood
    Ht 5.5-6′; Okay72$75.95
Cornus kousa ‘Greensleeves’Greensleeves Kousa Dogwood
    Ready June 20211015$127.95
Cornus kousa ‘Snow Tower’Snow Tower Kousa Dogwood
    Ht 6.5-7′; Lightly rooted; Nice1044$131.95
Cornus kousa var. chinensisChinese Kousa Dogwood
    Ht 5-5.5′ now; Lightly rooted; Look Good1018$127.95
    Ht 6-7′; Cal 1-1.25″; Look Good154$139.95
Cornus kousa var. chinensis MSChinese Kousa Dogwood
    Multi-stem; Ht 6.5-7′ now; Nice (Next Crop June)1514$151.95
Cornus x StarlightStarlight Dogwood
    New Crop; Ht 6.5′ now; Lightly rooted1023$127.95
Cornus x VenusVenus Dogwood
    Ready June 20211020$127.95
Corylus avellana ‘Burgundy Lace’Burgundy Lace Filbert
    Single-trunk tree form; Ht 6.5-7′; Look Good; Slight crook on trunks109$139.95
Corylus avellana ‘Red Dragon’Red Dragon Contorted Filbert
    Ready July 15th-August 1st1060$147.95
Cotinus coggygria ‘Royal Purple’Royal Purple Smoketree
    Ready July/August1025$111.95
Cryptomeria japonica ‘Black Dragon’Black Dragon Japanese Cedar
    Ht 3.5′ now; Very Nice784$109.95
Cryptomeria japonica ‘Cristata’Cristata Japanese Cedar
    Young Crop; Lightly rooted; Ht 36-40″ now; Little open (typical habit); unique cockscomb foliage734$79.95
Cryptomeria japonica ‘Giokumo’Giokumo Japanese Cedar
    Ht 30-32″; Staked/Leader; Very Nice764$89.95
    Ht 4-4.5′ now; Look Good155$169.95
Cryptomeria japonica ‘Globosa Nana’Globosa Nana Japanese Cedar
    Ht 21-22″ x Wd 24-25″; Nice785$75.95
Cryptomeria japonica ‘Gyokruyu’Gyokruyu Japanese Cedar
    Ht 32-34″ x Wd 24-26″ at base; Very Nice (Next Crop June)732$79.95
    Ht 4′ now; Staked; Very Full; Nice (Next Crop July)159$163.95
    Ht 5-5.5′; Width at base 4.5-5.5′; Very Nice2536$289.95
    Ht 7-7.5′ x Wd at base 4.5-5′; Awesome651$589.95
Cryptomeria japonica ‘Yoshino’Yoshino Japanese Cedar
    Ready May 15th (Ht tipping 6′ now and flushing)15240$155.95
Cupressus sempervirens ‘Glauca’Italian Cypress
    Ready July 202115125$219.95
    Ht 7.5′; Look Good (Next Crop September)2518$359.95
Distylium ‘Cinnamon Girl’Cinnamon Girl Distylium
    Ht 15-16″ x Wd 18-20″; Look Good; Lightly Rooted317$31.95
Distylium ‘Vintage Jade’ PPAFVintage Jade Distylium
    Ready May 15th (Ht 11-12″ x Wd 16″ now; Flushing from late frost burn)3368$31.95
    Ready June 15th7150$79.95
Distylium myricoides Bluescape(TM)Bluescape Distylium
    Ht 20-22″ x Wd 36-38″ now; Okay78$79.95
Distylium racemasum Blue Cascade(R)Blue Cascade(R) Distylium
    Ht 15-16″ x Wd 18-21″; Nice; Very Full; Flushing318$31.95
    Ht 28-30″ x Wd 30-32″; Full; Nice7130$71.95
Distylium racemasum Emerald Heights(R)Emerald Heights(R) Distylium
    Ready July7100$71.95
    Ht 5.5-6′ x Wd 4.5-5′; Very Nice2532$249.95
Distylium x ‘Linebacker’Linebacker Distylium
    Ht 40-42″ now; Flushing from late frost burn on tips720$71.95
Distylium x ‘Swing Low’Swing Low Distylium
    Ht 10-11″ x Wd 16-18″; Fushing from late frost burn3192$31.95
Eucalyptus neglectaOmeo Gum
    Ready June 1st741$89.95
Euonymus japonicus ‘Green Spire’Green Spire Euonymus
    Ready June 15th-July 1st7169$63.95
Euscaphis japonicaKorean Sweetheart Tree
    Ht 6-6.5′ now; Very Nice712$79.95
Fagus grandifoliaAmerican Beech
    Ht 5-6′ now; Nice (Next Crop October)741$99.95
    Ht 8-8.5′; Cal 1.5″; Very Nice1534$209.95
Gardenia jasminoides ‘Frostproof’Frostproof Gardenia
    Ready May 15th-June 1st (Ht 11-12″ x Wd 12-14″; Buds; 3/4 rooted now)3369$21.95
Ginkgo biloba ‘Autumn Gold’Autumn Gold Ginkgo
    Ready August/September 20211580$219.95
    Ready October 2021258$439.95
Ginkgo biloba ‘Golden Colonnade’Golden Colonnade Ginkgo
    Ready October 20211550$219.95
Ginkgo biloba ‘Jade Butterflies’Jade Butterflies Ginkgo
    Ht 5-5.5′; Nice (Slow Grower) (Next Crop June)151$295.95
    Ht 5′ now; Cal 1.25-1.5″; Nice2519$649.95
Ginkgo biloba ‘Magyar’Magyar Ginkgo
    Ht 8-9′; Cal 1.25″; Okay155$209.95
Ginkgo biloba Princeton Sentry(R) PP#2726Princeton Sentry(R) Ginkgo
    Ready May (Ht 9-10′; Cal 1.25″)1593$209.95
Gordlinia grandifloraSweet Tea
    Ready Late May/June 1st715$89.95
    Ready October 20211550$179.95
Hamamelis ‘Little Prospect’Little Prospect Witchhazel
    New Variegated Witchhazel; Ready October 2021560$71.95
Hamamelis virginiana ‘Sunglow’Sunglow Witchhazel
    Ready August/September775$75.95
Hemerocallis ‘Stella d’Oro’Stella d’Oro Daylily
    Full 1gal; Some buds starting; Nice1150$8.95
Heptacodium miconioidesSeven Son Flower Tree
    Ready September/October730$119.95
Hosta ‘Patriot’Patriot Hosta
    Up 12-14″ now; Average 10-14 breaks per pot; Awesome (Next Crop June)338$21.95
Hydrangea anomala subsp. petiolaris Esp.Climbing Hydrangea Espalier
    Espalier on 40″ Trellis; Ht 40-42″; Nice (Next Crop May 15th)742$103.95
Hydrangea paniculata ‘Fire Light’Fire Light Hydrangea
    Ready June 15th 2021786$75.95
Hydrangea paniculata ‘Limelight’ PP#12874Limelight Hydrangea
    New Crop; Ht 34-36″; Very Nice7136$75.95
Hydrangea paniculata ‘Limelight’ TF PP#12874Limelight Hydrangea Tree Form
    Tree Form; Overall Ht 4.5′ now; Clear trunk 28-34″; Nice7126$135.95
    Tree Form; Ready June 15th-July 1st10100$177.71
Hydrangea paniculata ‘Little Lime’ TFLittle Lime Hydrangea Tree Form
    Tree Form; Ready May 15th723$135.95
Hydrangea paniculata Quick Fire(TM) TF PP#16812Quick Fire(TM) Hydrangea Tree Form
    Tree Form; Ready June 1st735$135.95
Hydrangea paniculata Vanilla Strawberry(TM) PP#22,670Vanilla Strawberry(TM) Hydrangea
    Young Crop; Ht 15-16″ x Wd 15-16″ now332$31.95
Hypericum inodorum ‘Sangria’Sangria St John’s Wort
    Ready June 1st312$39.95
Ilex buergeriFemale Holly
    Ht 4.5-5′; Look Good (Narrow Grower)73$71.95
    Ht 8-8.5′ now; Cal 3.5″; Nice251$369.95
Ilex cornuta ‘Burfordii’ TFBurford Holly Tree Form
    Multi-stem Tree Form; Ready September25100$289.95
    Multi-stem Tree Form; Ht 6.5-7′ x Wd 5.5-6′ Canopy; Look Good (next Crop November)652$569.95
Ilex cornuta ‘Carissa’Carissa Holly
    Ht 13-14″ x Wd 22-23″; NICE3124$19.95
Ilex cornuta ‘Needlepoint’Needlepoint Holly
    Ht 24-26″; Very Full; Nice393$19.95
    Ht 4′; Very Full; Nice1015$83.95
Ilex crenata ‘Compacta’Compact Japanese Holly
    Ht 18″ x Wd 24″; Nice; Sheared; Full; Nice565$47.95
Ilex crenata ‘Drops of Gold’Drops of Gold Japanese Holly
    Ht 18-20″ x Wd 24-26″; Great Color7115$83.95
Ilex crenata ‘Sky Pencil’Sky Pencil Japanese Holly
    Ht 44-46″ now; Full; Nice; Flushing7129$63.95
Ilex crenata ‘Soft Touch’Soft Touch Japanese Holly
    Ht 12-13″ x Wd 16-18″; Nice3264$21.95
Ilex crenata ‘SteedsSteeds Japanese Holly
    Ht 32-36″; Conical; Don’t all match721$67.95
Ilex vomitoria ‘Nana’Dwarf Yaupon Holly
    Young Crop; Ht 10-11″ x Wd 15-16″; Nice34$20.95
    Ht 16-17″ x Wd 27-28″741$47.95
Ilex vomitoria ‘Pendula’Weeping Yaupon Holly
    Ht 8-9′ now; Look Good1519$167.95
Ilex x ‘Cherry Bomb’ NEWCherry Bomb Holly
    Ready May 15-June 1 2021767$87.95
    Ht 30-32″ x Wd 28″; Sheared; Very Full; Nice; Fruit1518$171.95
Ilex x ‘Dragon Slayer’Dragon Slayer Holly
    Ready Fall 20217107$71.95
Ilex x ‘Nellie R. Stevens’Nellie R. Stevens Holly
    Ht 3.5-4′ now; Heavily sheared; Very Nice154$129.95
Ilex x ‘Whoa Nellie’Golden Nellie Stevens Holly
    Ht 28-32″ x Wd 24″; Look Good; Good gold/yellow now721$69.95
    Ready August 20211530$149.95
Ilex x ‘Wirt Winn’ STDWirt Winn Holly STD
    Standard; Ready Fall 2021 – September2520$309.95
Ilex x Christmas Jewel(R) PP#14477Christmas Jewel(R) Holly
    Ht 32-34″ now; Sheared Heavy; Full; Nice74$87.95
    Ht 3.5-4′ now; Okay1510$139.95
    Ht 6.5-7′; Full; Little narrow but nice2518$299.95
Ilex x Emerald Colonnade(R) PP#23905 NEWEmerald Colonnade Holly
    Ready July 15th15140$143.95
    Ht 5-5.5′ now; Heavily Sheared; Very Full; Nice!2535$289.95
Ilex x Emerald Colonnade(R) PP#23905 2-BallEmerald Colonnade Holly 2-Ball [Topiary]
    2-Ball Topiary; Ready August1520$329.95
Ilex x Emerald Colonnade(R) PP#23905 Spiral NEWEmerald Colonnade Holly Spiral [Topiary]
    Ready August1530$389.95
Ilex x latifolia ‘Miss Patricia’Miss Patricia Holly
    Ht 40-42″; Nice; Full; Sheared71$67.95
    Ht 36-38″ now; Sheared; Nice1512$143.95
Ilex x Oakland(TM) PP#14417Oakland(TM) Holly
    Ready May 15th (Ht about 4′ now; Nedd to flush)1554$129.95
    Ready July 15th2580$269.95
Ilex x OakleafOakleaf Holly
    Ready September 20212550$269.95
    Ht 8′ now; Heavily Sheared; Nice6549$569.95
Ilex x Robin(TM) PP#9486Robin(TM) Holly
    Ht 5.5-6′; Heavily Sheared; Nice2513$269.95
    Ht 7.5′ now; Heavily Sheared; Nice6524$569.95
Ilex x Sharum’s ShamrockSharum’s Shamrock(TM) Holly
    Ht 3.5′; Very Full; Nice734$75.95
Illicium anisatum ‘Murasaki-no-satoPurple Glaze Anise
    Bright Red New Growth; Young Crop; Ht 15-18″ now; Flushing; Look Good3219$29.95
Illicium floridanum ‘Halley’s Comet’Halley’s Comet Anise
    Ready May 15th (Ht 24-28″; Full; Better with spring flush) [Next Crop July]322$29.95
    Ready June 1st (Ht 36″ now and flushing; Needs to finish rooting)7100$63.95
Illicium floridanum ‘Southern Star’Southern Star Variegated Anise
    NEW (Variegated Foliage); Ready June 1st-15th3119$31.95
Illicium parviflorum ‘BananAppeal’BananAppeal Anise
    Ht 14-15″ now; Full; Flushing; Nice392$31.95
Illicium parviflorum ‘Florida Sunshine’Florida Sunshine Anise
    Ready July 1st723$69.95
Illicium x ‘Moonbeam’Moonbeam Anise (pale yellow)
    NEW; Ready June 1st-15th3199$29.95
Illicium x ‘Orion’Orion Star Flower
    New Young Crop; Ht 13-15″ now3291$29.95
    Ht 22-24″ x wd 22-23″ now; Nice710$69.95
Illicium x ‘Ruby Stars’Ruby Stars Anise
    Seeding sport from Woodland Ruby; Ready May 15th (Ht 15-16″ now) (Ruby red flowers)3238$29.95
Illicium x ‘Scorpio’Scorpio Star Flower (Red)
    Ht 24-28″ x Wd 23-24″ now; Fat/Full; Very Nice750$69.95
Illicium x Woodland RubyWoodland Ruby Anise (red)
    Ready June 1st (Ht 28-32″ x Wd 24-26″ now)768$63.95
Iris ensata ‘Variegata’Variegated Japanese Iris
    New Crop; Up 16-18″ now; Nice3215$24.95
Juniperus chinensis ‘Blue Point’Blue Point Juniper
    Ready June 15th (Ht 3.5-4′ now)15130$135.95
Juniperus chinensis ‘Blue Point’ SpiralBlue Point Juniper Spiral
    Spiral; Ready May (Ht 11.5′ now; Nice)651$699.95
Juniperus chinensis ‘Gold Lace’ PP#8202Gold Lace Juniper – Standard
    Standard; Overall Ht 2.5-3′; Clear Trunk to 16″; Canopy Wd 36-38″; Good Color204$289.95
Juniperus chinensis ‘Hetzii Glauca’ PomPomHetzii Juniper PomPom
    Unique PomPom; Ht 6.5-7′ x Wd 7′; Awesome Specimens; Can match pairs1004$1,789.95
Juniperus chinensis ‘Mint Julep’ PomPomMint Julep Chinese Juniper PomPom [Topiary]
    PomPom; Ht 44-46″ x Wd 5.5-6′ now; 7 PomPoms per plant6510$1,149.95
Juniperus chinensis ‘Old Gold’ PomPomOld Gold Juniper PomPom [Topiary]
    Ht 20-22″ x Wd 32-34″; 5-6 pompoms per plant; Nice153$289.95
Juniperus chinensis ‘Old Gold’ STDOld Gold Juniper STD [Topiary]
    Ready May 2021 (Overall Ht 5′ now; Clear Trunk to 28″; Canopy Spread 5.5′; Cal 2.5″)257$419.95
Juniperus chinensis ‘San Jose’ PomPomSan Jose Juniper PomPom [Topiary]
    New Crop; Ht 3.5′ now; Nice layered look156$311.95
Juniperus chinensis ‘Sea Green’ – Pom PomSea Green Juniper – PomPom [TOPIARY]
    LOW; Ht 32-34″ x Wd 4-4.5′ now; 7 pompoms per plant; Very Nice2514$489.95
    TALL; Ht 4′ x Wd 4′; Average 11-13 PomPoms; Very Nice2536$489.95
Juniperus chinensis ‘Spartan’Spartan Juniper
    Ready June 1st (Ht tipping 4′ now)7190$67.95
    New Young Crop; Ht 5′ now; Look Good15128$139.95
Juniperus chinensis ‘Torulosa’Hollywood Juniper
    Ht 6.5-7.5′; Nice1523$147.95
Juniperus chinensis ‘Trautman’Trautman Juniper
    Ready August1524$195.95
Juniperus conferta ‘All Gold’ StakedAll Gold Shore Juniper Staked
    New Crop; Staked; Ht 26-28″; Very Nice732$135.95
Juniperus horizontalis ‘Mother Lode’ PP#5948Mother Lode Creeping Juniper
    Gold Colored Blue Rug; Ht 4″ x Wd 17-18″; Good Color Now3111$39.95
Juniperus horizontalis ‘Wiltonii’ StakedBlue Rug Juniper Staked
    Staked to 3′ and weeping down to ground and running202$279.95
Juniperus horizontalis ‘Wiltonii’ StdBlue Rug Juniper Standard [Topiary]
    Standard; Overall Ht 32″; Runners to the ground; Nice71$149.95
Juniperus procumbens ‘Nana’Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper
    Ht 6-8″ x Wd 18-20″; Nice326$22.95
Juniperus squamata ‘Blue Star’ STDBlue Star Juniper Standard [Topiary]
    Top grafted overall Ht 32″; Clear trunk to 22″; Top spread 16-17″; Nice728$159.95
    Ht 3-3.5′; Top Spread 32″; Trunk Caliper 2.75″; Nice151$259.95
Juniperus virginianaEastern Red Cedar
    New Crop; Ht tipping 4′; Nice7210$71.95
Juniperus virginiana ‘Brodie’Brodie Juniper
    Ready June 15th-July 1st7100$75.95
    Ready July1550$149.95
Juniperus virginiana ‘Brodie’ SpiralBrodie Juniper Spiral [Topiary]
    Ht 6.5-7′ now; Very Nice1587$349.95
    Ht 7-8′ now; Very Nice; Specimens2581$549.95
Juniperus virginiana ‘Taylor’Taylor Juniper
    STD; Overall Ht 8-8.5′; Clear trunk to 22-24″; Very Nice1557$149.95
Lagerstroemia ‘Acoma’Acoma Crapemyrtle (white)
    Multi-stem; Great Structure; Ht 5-5.5′ now; Very Nice153$129.95
Lagerstroemia ‘Autaugaville Purple’Autaugaville Purple Crapemyrtle
    Multi-stem; Ready July 15th-August 1st15150$135.95
Lagerstroemia ‘Biloxi’Biloxi Crapemyrtle (pink)
    Ready July 15th1580$129.95
Lagerstroemia ‘Biloxi’ STDBiloxi Crapemyrtle Standard (pink)
    Ht 9′; Cal 1.5”; Nice; Full tops1546$139.95
Lagerstroemia ‘Black Diamond Shell Pink’ TMBlack Diamond Shell Pink Crapemyrtle (pink)
    Multi-stem; Ht 3.5-4′; Very Nice (Dark Foliage)74$83.95
Lagerstroemia ‘Catawba’Catawba Crapemyrtle (purple)
    Multi-stem; Ready July 15th1540$135.95
Lagerstroemia ‘Catawba’ STDCatawba Crapemyrtle (purple) Standard
    STD; Ready July 15th152$139.95
Lagerstroemia ‘Colorama Scarlet’ MSColorama Scarlet Crape Myrtle (red)
    Multi-stem; New Upright Red; Ready July 15th-August2550$249.95
Lagerstroemia ‘Double Dynamite’ STDDouble Dynamite Crapemyrtle
    Standard; Grafted 32″ overall; Ht 5-5.5′ now; Look Good73$91.95
Lagerstroemia ‘Dynamite’Dynamite Crapemyrtle (red)
    Multi-stem; Ready July 15th1575$147.95
Lagerstroemia ‘Dynamite’ STDDynamite Crapemyrtle (red) Standard
    Top Grafted on 32″ Std (Natchez Understock); Overall Ht 5.5′; Very Nice72$91.95
Lagerstroemia ‘Ebony Embers’Ebony Embers Crapemyrtle (red flower/black foliage)
    Ready July770$75.95
Lagerstroemia ‘Enduring Summer Red’ STDEnduring Summer Red Crape Myrtle Std.
    Standard; New Crop; Overall Ht 4.5′ now; (Top Graft on 32″ Standard) Very Nice78$91.95
    Standard; Ready May (Overall Ht 5.5′ now; Clear Trunk to 20″)156$163.95
Lagerstroemia ‘Muskogee’Muskogee Crapemyrtle (lavender)
    Multi-stem; Ht 7.5-8′ now; Nice; Great Structure1539$129.95
    Multi-stem; Ready August/September2530$249.95
Lagerstroemia ‘Muskogee’ – STDMuskogee Crapemyrtle Standard
    Ht 7.5-8′; Cal 1″; Look Good1534$139.95
Lagerstroemia ‘Natchez’Natchez Crapemyrtle MS (white)
    Multi-stem; Ht 7.5′ now; Great structure1536$129.95
    Multi-stem; Ht 9′ now; Combined Cal 3-3.5″; Look Good2563$235.95
Lagerstroemia ‘Natchez’ – STDNatchez Crapemyrtle Standard (white)
    Ht 8-8.5′ now; Cal 1.25″; Full Tops; Nice151$139.95
    Ht 9′; Cal 1.75-2″ now; Very Nice2536$255.95
    Ht 11-11.5′; Cal 3″ now; Nice Tops; Not all match653$589.95
Lagerstroemia ‘Red Rocket’ STDRed Rocket Crape Myrtle STD
    Ht 7-7.5′; Clear trunk to 30″; Looks Good251$289.95
Lagerstroemia ‘Sarah’s Favorite’Sarah’s Favorite Crapemyrtle (white)
    Multi-stem; Ht 8′; Nice; Great Structure1567$129.95
Lagerstroemia ‘Tonto’Tonto Crapemyrtle (purplish-pink)
    Multi-stem; New Crop; Ht 5.5′; Great Structure; Nice1510$129.95
Lagerstroemia ‘White Lightning’White Lightning Crapemyrtle (white)
    Multi-stem; Ht 8′; Very Nice; Great Structure1559$139.95
Lagerstroemia indica ‘Pink Velour’Pink Velour Crape Myrtle
    Ht 3.5′; Look Good710$63.95
Ligustrum coriaceumDwarf Curly Leaf Ligustrum
    Young Crop; Ht 15-16″; Look Good378$21.95
Ligustrum japonicum ‘East Bay’Wax Leaf Privet
    New Crop; Ht 16-17″ x Wd 16″; Full; Nice3113$18.95
    Ready May 15th (Ht 24″ x Wd 28-30″ now)754$45.95
    Ht 36-40”x Wd 36”; Full; Good Color; Nice152$99.95
Ligustrum japonicum ‘Recurvifolium’Recurve Wavy Leaf Privet
    Ht 24-28″; Wd 14-15″; Good fullness348$21.95
    Ht 34-36″ now; Heavily Sheared; Tight; Full151$109.95
Ligustrum japonicum ‘Recurvifolium’ 2-BallRecurve Wavy Leaf Privet [TOPIARY]
    2 Ball; Overall Ht 4.5-5′; Nice152$249.95
Ligustrum japonicum ‘Recurvifolium’ 3-BallRecurve Wavy Leaf Privet [TOPIARY]
    3-Ball; Overall Ht 5-5.5′; Very Nice766$149.95
    3-Ball; Ht 5.5′; Very Nice1518$289.95
Ligustrum japonicum ‘Recurvifolium’ MSTFRecurve Wavy Leaf Privet MSTF
    Multi-Stem Tree Form; Ready May 15th-June 1st; Need to flush1582$149.95
    Ready June 1st (Ht overall 4′ now; Canopy Wd 3.5′; Heavily Sheared2550$299.95
Ligustrum japonicum ‘Recurvifolium’ STDRecurve Wavy Leaf Privet Standard
    Ht 5.5′; Canopy Wd 4.5′; Low branched251$289.95
Ligustrum japonicum STDWaxleaf Privet Standard
    Ready June (Ht 4.5′; Canopy Wd 28-30″ Clear trunk to 30-32″ now; Nice; Full)1552$191.95
    Overall Ht 6.5′; Clear Trunk to 30″; Canopy width 3.5′; Nice251$289.95
Liriodendron tulipifera ‘Emerald City’Emerald City Tulip Tree
    Ready July/August1526$147.95
Liriope muscari VariegataVareigated Liriope
    Flushing; Up 6-8″ now; Nice1114$7.45
Loropetalum chinensis v. r. ‘Chang Nian Hong’Ever Red Loropetalum
    Ht 15-16″ x Wd 18-19″; Look Good31$25.95
Loropetalum chinensis v. r. ‘Crimson Fire’Crimson Fire Loropetalum
    Ready July3400$32.95
Loropetalum chinensis v. r. ‘Dark Fire’Dark Fire Loropetalum
    Ready June3390$25.95
    Ready May 15th (Ht 18-20″ x Wd 23-24″)530$47.95
    Ht 24-26″ x Wd 24-26″; Nice74$67.95
Loropetalum chinensis v. r. ‘Daruma’Daruma Loropetalum
    Ht 12″ x Wd 20-22″; Average32$24.95
Loropetalum chinensis v. r. ‘Jazz Hands Bold’ EspJazz Hands Bold Loropetalum Espalier
    Espalier; Ready May 15th – after flush151$289.95
Loropetalum chinensis v. r. ‘Purple Daydream’Purple Daydream Loropetalum
    Ready July3171$32.95
Loropetalum chinensis v. r. ‘Ruby Parfait’Ruby Parfait Loropetalum
    Ready June/July 20213150$29.95
Magnolia figo ‘Serendipity’Serendipity Magnolia
    Ready May 15th-June 1st (Great evergreen screening plant)3200$31.95
    New Crop; Ht 36-40″; Full; Nice (Next Crop July)717$69.95
Magnolia figo ‘Serendipity’ ESPSerendipity Magnolia Espalier
    Espalier; Ready July 15th775$129.95
Magnolia figo ‘Serendipity’ TFSerendipity Magnolia TF
    Ready June725$75.95
Magnolia grandiflora ‘Brackens Brown Beauty’ PP#5520Brackens Brown Beauty Southern Magnolia
    Ready June 15th25129$303.95
    Ready October 20216580$689.95
Magnolia grandiflora ‘Kay Parris’Kay Parris Magnolia
    Ready August/September1578$143.95
Magnolia grandiflora ‘Little Gem’Little Gem Southern Magnolia
    Ready September15250$151.95
    Ready August/Septmber25200$319.95
    Ready July 1st6517$689.95
Magnolia grandiflora ‘Little Gem’ Esp.Little Gem Southern Magnolia Espalier
    Espalier; Ready September1557$295.95
    Espalier; Ready July 15th-August 1st257$475.95
Magnolia grandiflora Teddy Bear(R) PP#13049Teddy Bear(R) Southern Magnolia
    Ready August 202115149$169.95
    Ready June 15th2560$329.95
Magnolia grandiflora Teddy Bear(R) PP#13049 ESPESP Teddy Bear(R) Southern Magnolia
    Espalier; Ready July 15th156$329.95
Magnolia stellata ‘Royal Star’Royal Star Magnolia
    Ready June 15th750$69.95
Magnolia virginiana ‘Green Shadow’Green Shadow Sweetbay Magnolia
    Ready June 15th (Single Trunk)1524$147.95
Magnolia virginiana Moonglow(R)PP#12065 – StandardMoonglow(R) Sweetbay Magnolia STD
    Ready Fall 20212518$269.95
Magnolia x ‘Burgundy Star’Burgundy Star Magnolia
    Ready August/September 2021735$99.95
Magnolia x ‘Daybreak’Daybreak Magnolia (pink)
    (Fragrant Rose Pink Flowers in Spring); Ready May 15th713$87.95
Magnolia x ‘Jane’Jane Magnolia (pink)
    MSTF; Ready May 15-June 11517$129.95
Magnolia x ‘Judy Zuk’Judy Zuk Magnolia (yellow and pink)
    Ht 6-7′ now; Nice738$91.95
Magnolia x ‘Mercury’Mercury Magnolia
    Ready August1010$139.95
Magnolia x ‘Sunsation’Sunsation Magnolia
    Ht 4.5-5′ now; Nice; Good Caliper718$91.95
    Ready June 15-July 11540$159.95
Magnolia x figo ‘Stellar Ruby’ PPAFStellar Ruby Magnolia
    Ready Late May720$89.95
    Ready June 15th1564$155.95
Magnolia x InspirationInspiration Magnolia
    Single-trunk; Ready August/September1550$167.95
Magnolia x Inspiration MSTFInspiration Magnolia MSTF
    MSTF; Ht 7-7.5′ now and flushing; Very Nice1542$195.95
Mahonia confusa ‘Nari Hira’Nari Hira Mahonia
    New Young Crop; Ht 18-20″ now; Look Good3348$25.95
    New Crop; Ht 22-24″ now; Full; Flushing; Very Nice547$47.95
Mahonia eurybracteata ‘Soft Caress’ PP#20183Soft Caress Mahonia
    Ht 24-26″ x Wd 30-32″; Very Nice76$83.95
Metasequoia glyptostroboidesDawn Redwood
    Ht 9-10′; Cal 1.5″+; Nice (Next Crop April – Ht 7-8′ now – 150)710$71.95
    Ht 9-10′ now; Cal 1.75-2″; Nice15196$135.95
    Ht 11-12′; Cal 2.75″; Nice2570$255.95
Metasequoia glyptostroboides ‘Amberglow’Amberglow Dawn Redwood
    Ht 8-8.5′; Cal 1.5-1.75″ now; Nice1548$155.95
    Ht 11-12′; Cal 2.75-3″; Very Nice259$297.95
Metasequoia glyptostroboides ‘Ogon’Golden Dawn Redwood
    Ht 6-6.5′ now; Nice (Next Crop June)71$79.95
    Ht 11′; Cal 1.75″; Very Nice (Next Crop May 15th)152$149.95
    Ht 10-12′ now; Cal 1.5-1.75″2519$269.95
Microbiota decussata ‘Fuzzball’ STDSTD Fuzzball Siberian Cypress
    Standard; Ready June 15th720$169.95
Morus alba ‘Chaparral’Chaparral Weeping Mulberry
    Ht 6.5-7.5′; Spread 6.5-7′; Cal 3.25-3.5″; Very Nice653$389.95
Muhlenbergia reverchoniiRose Muhly Grass
    Ready June 15th2350$13.95
Nandina domestica ‘Burgundy Wine’Burgundy Wine Nandina
    Ready after spring flush – May51$39.95
Nandina domestica Sienna Sunrise(TM) PP#14693Sienna Sunrise(TM) Nandina
    Ready June 1st3144$35.95
Nyssa sylvatica Green Gable ‘NSUHH’ PP#22951Green Gable Black Gum
    Ht 8-8.5′; Cal 0.75-1″; Very nice tops727$75.95
Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’Black Mondo Grass
    New Crop; Ht 8-10″; Nice (Next Crop May/June 2021)2351$24.95
Osmanthus fragrans ‘Fudingzhu’Fudingzhu Fragrant Tea Olive
    Ready June 15th3200$21.95
Osmanthus heterophyllus ‘Goshiki’Goshiki False Holly
    Ht 14-15″ x Wd 14-16″; Full; Nice (Next Crop August/September)38$31.95
    Ht 26-28″ x Wd 24-25″; Very Nice; Full7332$87.95
    Ready June 15th15100$167.95
    Ht 28-32″ x Wd 32-34″; Look Good204$289.95
    Ht 36-38″ x Wd 36″; Nice; Full (Next Crop Fall 2021)255$289.95
    Ht 46-48″ x Wd 46-48″; Nice4535$389.95
    Ht 3.5-4′ x Wd 4.5′654$459.95
Osmanthus heterophyllus ‘Goshiki’ – CONEGoshiki False Holly
    Ht 32-34″ now; Cone Pruned; Awesome794$119.95
Osmanthus heterophyllus ‘Gulftide’Gulftide False Holly
    Ready May 1st2514$239.95
Osmanthus heterophyllus ‘Kaori Hime’Fragrant Princess False Holly
    Ht 13-14″ x Wd 13-14″; Very Nice3313$31.95
Osmanthus x fortuneiFortune’s Osmanthus
    Ready June 1st (ht 3.5′ now and flushing and rooting)1595$129.95
Osmanthus x fortunei ‘Carl Wheeler’Carl Wheeler Osmanthus
    Ht 34-36″ x Wd 20-22″; Full; Look Good; All nice but not all match54$47.95
    Ht 40-42″ now; Full; Nice7111$63.95
Osmanthus x fortunei MSTFFortune’s Osmanthus MSTF
    MSTF; Ht 7-7.5′ x Canopy Wd 5.5-6′ now; Clear trunks 28-30″; Very Nice6513$589.95
Oxydendron arboreumSourwood
    Ready September7270$109.95
Parrotia persica ‘Pendula’Weeping Parrotia
    Ht 6-6.5′ x Canopy Wd 5-5.5′; Cal 2.75-3″; Nice; Specimens2510$279.95
Parrotia persica ‘Persian Spire’Persian Spire Parrotia
    Ht 7.5-8′ now; Cal 1-1.25″; Lightly Rooted749$99.95
Parrotia persica ‘Vanessa’Vanessa Persian Parrotia
    Ready June254$329.95
Pennisetum alopecuroides ‘Piglet’Piglet Dwarf Fountain Grass
    Ready June 15th2250$13.95
Persea palustrisSwamp Bay
    Ht 7′; Nice (Native Evergreen Tree)728$75.95
Phyllostachys nigraBlack Bamboo
    General Ht 5-6′; Some Spikes 7-8′; Very Nice15116$255.95
Picea orientalis ‘Skyland’s’Skyland’s Oriental Spruce
    Ht 26-30″; Look Good731$147.95
    Ht 40-44″ now; Look Good154$275.95
Pinus densiflora ‘Burke’s Red Variegated’Burke’s Red Variegated Japanese Pine
    Ready June (Ht 36-40″ now; Nice)725$167.95
Pinus densiflora ‘Oculus-draconis’Dragon’s Eye Japanese Red Pine
    Ht 36-38″ x Wd 36-40″ now; Very Nice; Great color now158$219.95
    Ready July/August205$269.95
Pinus flexilis ‘Domingo’Domingo Pine
    Ready Summer 2021254$349.95
Pinus taedaLoblolly Pine
    Ready Late May-June 1st7110$55.95
Pinus thunbergii ‘Thunderhead’Thunderhead Japanese Black Pine
    Ready October 2021255$329.95
Pinus virginianaVirginia Pine
    Ht 5.5-6.5′ now; Very Nice (Next Crop October)79$67.95
Poliothyrsis sinensisChinese Pearl Bloom Tree
    Ready Fall 2021 (October/November)1510$169.95
Polygonatum falcatum ‘Variegata’Variegated Solomon Seal
    (Nice 2 year old plants) Ht 15-18″ now; 10-15 stems per pot; Very Nice2282$24.95
Poncirus trifoliata ‘Flying Dragon’Flying Dragon Trifoliate Orange
    Ht 38-42” now; Very Nice; Full73$67.95
    Ht 6′ now; Very Nice; Specimens251$249.95
Poncirus trifoliata ‘Flying Dragon’ STDFlying Dragon Trifoliate Orange
    Standard; Overall Ht 5.5-6′; Clear Trunk 24-26”; Nice; Full top726$119.95
    Standard; Ht 3.5′; Clear trunk to 22″; Heavy; Full; Sheared top 28″ wide; Nice1511$249.95
Prunus incisa ‘Little Twist’Contorted Fugi Cherry
    Ready Fall 2021256$279.95
Prunus laurocerasus ‘Otto Luyken’Otto Luyken Laurel
    Ht 18-20″ x Wd 22-24″; Very Full; Very Nice698$95.95
Prunus mume ‘Kobai’Kobai Japanese Apricot (deep pink)
    Ready September 20211525$155.95
Prunus subhirtella var. autumnalisAutumnalis Cherry
    Ready August/September740$71.95
Prunus virginiana ‘Canada Red’Canada Red Chokecherry
    Ht 8′ now; Okay74$71.95
    Ht 9-10′; Cal 1.5-1.75″; Okay1525$129.95
Prunus x ‘First Lady’First Lady Flowering Cherry
    Ht 6′; Nice tops; Look Great721$71.95
Prunus x ‘Okame’Okame Cherry
    Ht 9-10′; Cal 1.5-1.75″; Very Nice258$239.95
Prunus x ‘Snow Fountain’ SerpentineSnow Fountain Weeping Cherry Serpentine
    Serpentine; Ht 4.5-5.5 x Wd 7-7.5′; Cal 2.5″; Nice652$639.95
Pseudolarix amabilisGolden Larch
    Ht 14-15′; Full To Ground; Cal 3-3.5”258$249.95
Quercus acutissimaSawtooth Oak
    Ht 8′; Some crooks on trunks; Average744$75.95
Quercus acutissima ‘Gobbler’‘Gobbler’ Sawtooth Oak
    Ht 8-9′; Good725$75.95
Quercus albaWhite Oak
    Ht 8-9′; Very Nice7125$75.95
    Ht 9-10′ Cal 1.5-1.75″; Look Good1518$139.95
    Ht 11-12′; Cal 2.25-2.5″; Nice2511$259.95
Quercus alba (on bicolor)White Oak
    On bicolor understock; Ht 7-8′; Nice (Next Crop August)744$75.95
Quercus bicolorSwamp White Oak
    Ht 7-8′; Nice786$75.95
    Ready July 15th1577$139.95
Quercus coccineaScarlet Oak
    Ht 8-8.5′ now; Nice7136$75.95
    Ht 10′; Cal 1.25-1.5″; Nice1544$139.95
Quercus ilexHolly Oak
    New! Oak with Holly-like foliage; Ht 4.5-5′; Look Good736$89.95
    Ready August 20211034$129.95
Quercus lyrataOvercup Oak
    Ht 8-9′ now; Nice7155$75.95
    Ready June/July15100$139.95
Quercus macrocarpaBur Oak
    Ht 9-10′; Cal 1.5-1.75″; Look Good (Next Crop July)1516$139.95
Quercus nuttalliiNuttall Oak
    Ht 8-9′; Nice7243$75.95
    Ht 10-10.5′; Cal 1.75″ now (Next Crop June)151$139.95
    Ht 11-12′; Cal 2.25-2.5″ now; Very Nice25113$255.95
Quercus pagodaCherrybark Oak
    Ht 7-8′ now; Nice716$75.95
    Ht 10-10.5′; Cal 1.5-1.75″; Nice (Next Crop August – 120)1564$139.95
Quercus phellosWillow Oak
    Ht 8.5-9′; NICE; Look Good (Next Crop Sept/Oct)7256$75.95
    Ht 9.5-10′; Cal 1.25-1.5″; Very Nice15245$139.95
    Ready May; Next crop currently Ht 8.5-9′; Cal 1.25-1.5″; Look Good15280$139.95
    Ht 12′; Cal 2.25-2.5″; Very Nice2559$255.95
Quercus prinusChestnut Oak
    Ht 7-8′; Nice7163$75.95
    Ready July 20211554$139.95
Quercus rubraRed Oak
    Ht 8-9′ now; Nice; Well Branched726$75.95
    Ht 9-9.5′; Cal 1.25-1.5″; Look Good (Next Crop Fall 2021)1513$139.95
    Ht 10-11′; Cal 2-2.25”; Look Nice25110$259.95
Quercus shumardiiShumard Oak
    Ht 8-9′ now; Cal 1-1.25″; Very Nice7159$75.95
    Ht 10′; Cal 1.5-1.75″; Very Nice!1591$139.95
Quercus x Regal Prince(R) PP#12673Regal Prince(R) Oak
    Ht 8′ now; Nice721$103.95
    Ht 10′; Cal 1.25-1.5″; Very Nice15103$169.95
Rhaphiolepis umbellata ‘Southern Moon’Southern Moon Hawthorne
    Ht 23-24″ x Wd 17-18″; Very Nice33$27.95
    Ht 28-30″ x Wd 24-25″ now; Very Full; Nice714$59.95
Rhododendron ‘Chinzan’Chinzan Azalea
    Ht 9-11″ x Wd 18-20″; Full; Nice371$22.95
Rhododendron ‘Conlec’Encore(R) Autumn Royalty(TM) (Purple)
    Ht 20-21″ x Wd 22-23″; Full; Nice33$37.95
Rhododendron ‘Conles’Encore(R) Autumn Empress(TM) (Pink)
    Ht 14-15″ x Wd 15-16″; Flushing362$38.95
Rhododendron ‘Robleza’Encore(R) Autumn Bonfire(TM) (Red)
    Ht 14-15″ x Wd 18-19″; Nice31$37.95
Robinia pseudoacacia ‘Lace Lady’ PP#99771Twisty Baby(TM) Black Locust
    Ht 9-9.5′; Cal 1.5-1.75” now; Nice1513$149.95
Rosa x Double Red Knock OutDouble Red Knock Out Rose
    New Crop; Ht 11-12″ x Wd 12-13″; Buds; Look Good3357$27.95
Rosa x Popcorn Drift(R)Popcorn Drift(R) Rose
    Ht 10-11″ x Wd 16-17″; Nice; Buds378$28.95
Rosa x Red Drift(R) PP#17877Red Drift(R) Rose
    Ht 11-12″ x Wd 16-17″; Look Good; Buds3384$28.95
Rosa x Red Drift(R) PP#17877 TFTF Red Drift(R) Rose
    Tree Form Std; Overall Ht 3-3.5′; Canopy Wd 18-20″716$79.95
Salix BabylonicaWeeping Willow
    Ready July 15th15140$129.95
    Ready July 15th2560$239.95
Salix x ‘Scarlet Curls’Scarlet Curls Willow
    Ht 8.5-9′; Cal 2.25-2.5″ now; Look Good2513$279.95
Sequoia sempervirens ‘Inman Select’Inman Select Redwood
    Ready September 2021780$95.95
    Heat and cold tolerant sequoia; Ht 8-8.5′ now; Very Nice152$249.95
Smilax smalliiBamboo Vine
    Tri-pod Staked; Ht 6-7′ now; Nice; Pruned; Great with flush106$129.95
Stewartia pseudocamelliaJapanese Stewartia
    Ready September/October1534$249.95
Styrax americanus ‘Baby Blue’Baby Blue American Snowbell
    Ht 5-5.5′; Very Nice; Buds713$75.95
Styrax japonica ‘Fragrant Fountain’ PP#19664Fragrant Fountain Japanese Snowbell
    Ht 5-5.5′; Very Nice71$123.95
    Ht 5.5-6′; Very Nice1013$155.95
Styrax japonicusJapanese Snowbell
    Ht 6-7′; Look Good711$75.95
    Ht 8-8.5′ now; Cal 1-1.25″; Very Nice15163$147.95
Styrax japonicus ‘Evening Light’Evening Light Japanese Snowbell
    Ht 7-8′ now; Very Nice782$109.95
Styrax japonicus ‘Marley’s Pink Parasol’Marley’s Pink Parasol Japanese Snowbell (Weeping)
    Ht 5.5-6′; Look Good102$149.95
    Ht 5.5-6.5′; Very Nice1597$187.95
Styrax japonicus ‘Pink Chimes’Pink Chimes Japanese Snowbell
    Ht 5.5-6′; Nice748$95.95
    Ht 7-8′; Cal 1.25-1.5″; Nice1599$169.95
    Ht 9-10′ now; Cal 1.75-2″252$389.95
Styrax japonicus ‘Pink Chimes’ MSTFPink Chimes Japanese Snowbell Multistem Tree Form
    Multi-stem Tree Form; Ht 9-10′ now; Look Nice2511$395.95
Styrax japonicus Snowcone(R)Snowcone(R) Japanese Snowbell
    Ht 7.5-8.5′; Cal 1.25-1.5″; Very Nice15121$155.95
Syringa patula ‘Miss Kim’ STDMiss Kim Lilac STD
    Standard; Ready May 15th1515$159.95
Syringa x Grecrimdoll ‘Crimson Doll’Crimson Doll Lilac
    Ready May 15th (Ht 23-24″ x Wd 20″ now; Full)740$75.95
Taxodium ascendens ‘Debonaire’Debonaire Pond Cypress
    Ht 7.5-8′; Cal 1.25-1.5″; Nice1521$159.95
Taxodium ascendens ‘Green Feather’Green Feather Pond Cypress
    Ht 8-9′; Cal 1.5-1.75″; Very Nice1539$159.95
Taxodium distichumBald Cypress
    Ht 6-7.5′ now; Nice7128$71.95
    Ht 8.5-9′; Cal 1.75-2.25″; Nice1544$135.95
    Ht 12-13′; Cal 3.75″251$249.95
Taxodium distichum ‘Cascade Falls’ PP#12296Cascade Falls Weeping Bald Cypress
    Ht 6-7′; Very Nice (A few low ones in group also)742$83.95
    Ht 7-7.5′; Cal 2.5-2.75″; Nice255$269.95
    Ht 5.5-7′; Cal 3-3.5″; Wd 7.5-8.5′; Very Nice; All Specimens657$699.95
Taxodium distichum ‘Falling Waters’Falling Waters Bald Cypress
    Ht 13-14′; Cal 3.5-4″; Dr Seuss-like; Specimens659$699.95
Taxodium distichum ‘Jim’s Little Guy’Jim’s Little Guy Cypress
    New Crop; Ht 40-48″ now; Very Nice729$111.95
Taxodium distichum ‘Peve Minaret’Peve Minaret Dwarf Bald Cypress
    Ht 3-3.5′; Look Good78$111.95
Taxodium distichum ‘Secrest’ STDSecrest Bald Cypress
    Standard; Ready May 2021154$349.95
Taxodium distichum Lindsey’s Skyward (TM)Lindsey’s Skyward(TM) Bald Cypress PP#22,812
    Ht 6-6.5′; Nice735$87.95
Taxodium distichum var. imbricariumPond Cypress
    Ht 8-8.5′; Cal 1.5-1.75″; Nice751$75.95
Ternstroemia gymnantheraJapanese Cleyera
    Ht 3.5′ x Wd 28-30″ now; Full; Very Nice!71$63.95
Ternstroemia gymnanthera Bronze Beauty(TM) PP#11735Bronze Beauty(TM) Japanese Cleyera
    Ht 34-36″ x Wd 32-33″; Sheared; Full; Nice (Next Crop June 15th)74$67.95
Thuja occidentalis ‘Degroot’s Spire’Degroot’s Spire Eastern Arborvitae
    Ready June 15th7170$75.95
    Ht 4.5′; Look Good1544$149.95
    Ready June 15th (B&B potted into 25gal pot)2560$307.95
    Ht 7’+; Look Good452$395.95
Thuja occidentalis ‘Degroot’s Spire’ SpiralDegroot’s Spire Eastern Arborvitae Spiral [TOPIARY]
    New Crop; Ht 40-42″ now; Nice737$155.95
Thuja occidentalis ‘Emerald’Emerald Arborvitae
    Ready May 2021 (Ht 44-48″ now; Freshly sheared)721$69.95
    Ht 4.5′ now; Okay153$139.95
    Ht 5-5.5′ now; Nice; Sheared2042$189.95
Thuja occidentalis ‘Emerald’ – ButterflyEmerald Arborvitae [TOPIARY]
    Topiary Butterfly; Ht 3.5′; Nice251$699.95
Thuja occidentalis ‘Emerald’ – FishEmerald Arborvitae [TOPIARY]
    Topiary Fish; Ht 4.5′ now251$649.95
Thuja occidentalis ‘Emerald’ SpiralEmerald Arborvitae Spiral [TOPIARY]
    Ht 38-40″ now; Look Good79$155.95
    Ht 5-5.5′; Nice; Full Spirals; Very Nice1552$295.95
    Ht 8-8.5′; Very Nice; Awesome2523$539.95
    Ht 9-9.5′ now; Very Nice; Awesome451$619.95
Thuja occidentalis ‘Emerald’ TieredTiered Emerald Arborvitae
    B&B put into 20 gal; Ht 4.5′ now; Nice (3 balls)206$279.95
    Ht 5.5-6′; Very Nice (3 balls); Awesome2518$389.95
Thuja occidentalis ‘Golden Globe’Golden Globe Arborvitae
    Ht 23-24″ x Wd 22-23″; Nice744$71.95
Thuja occidentalis ‘Golden Globe’ STDGolden Globe STD
    Standard; Overall Ht 4.5-5′; Clear trunk to 22″; Canopy Wd 30-32″; Nice156$255.95
Thuja occidentalis ‘Jantar’Jantar Gold Emerald Arborvitae
    Ready July 20211563$175.95
    Ready August 20212530$335.95
Thuja occidentalis ‘Mr. Bowling Ball’Mr. Bowling Ball Arborvitae
    Ht 11-12″ x Wd 14-15″; Nice350$31.95
    Ht 17-18″ x Wd 24-26″; Nice793$83.95
Thuja occidentalis ‘Mr. Bowling Ball’ STDMr. Bowling Ball Arborvitae – Standard
    Standard; Overall Ht 36-38″; Clear trunk to 24″; Top width 20-22″; Very Nice730$171.95
Thuja occidentalis ‘Sienna Sunset’Sienna Sunset Arborvitae
    Ready April 202173$79.95
Thuja occidentalis ‘Sunkist’Sunkist Arborvitae
    Ht 18-20″ x Wd 16-18″; Full; Good Color544$55.95
Thuja occidentalis ‘Yellow Ribbon’Yellow Ribbon Eastern Arborvitae
    Ready Late May/June (Ht 26-28″ now)768$83.95
Thuja occidentalis ‘Yellow Ribbon’ 3-ball3-ball Yellow Ribbon Eastern Arborvitae [Topiary]
    Topiary; 3-ball; Ht 4.5′ now; Nice151$315.95
Thuja occidentalis ‘Yellow Ribbon’ SpiralYellow Ribbon (Spiral)
    Ht 4’+ now; Nice1512$315.95
Thuja plicata ‘Goldy’Goldy Western Arborvitae
    Ht 26-28”; Awesome Color; Nice32$23.95
Thuja plicata ‘Green Giant’Green Giant Western Arborvitae
    Ready May 15th-June 1st7199$59.95
    Ht 8′ with tips to 9′; Look Good2535$239.95
    Ready July 15th/August 1st65100$491.95
Thuja plicata ‘Little Sprout’Little Sprout Western Arborvitae
    Ht 36-38″ now (Our own compact sport of Green Giant)727$69.95
Thuja plicata ‘Sugar and Spice’Sugar and Spice Western Arborvitae
    Ht 4-5′ now; Full; Nice747$79.95
    New Crop; Ht 6-6.5′ now1526$139.95
Thuja plicata ‘Whipcord’ STDWhipcord Western Red Cedar Standard [Topiary]
    Top Grafted on 24″ Standard; Overall Ht 34-36″ now; Very Nice (Next Crop July)78$215.95
Thuja plicata x standishii ‘Virginian’Virginian Arborvitae
    Ht 5.5-6.5′; Look Nice151$139.95
Ulmus alata ‘Lace Parasol’Lace Parasol Winged Elm
    Ht 6-7′ x Spread 7-8′; Cal 3.5-3.75″; Very Nice; Specimens6511$789.95
Ulmus parvifoliaLacebark Elm
    Ht 10-11′; Cal 1.75-2″ now; Average structure; Okay1552$139.95
Ulmus parvifolia Allee(R)Allee Chinese Elm
    Ht 8.5-9′; Cal 1″; Very Nice778$83.95
    Ht 9-10′; Cal 1.25-1.5″; Very Nice1541$159.95
Vaccinium darrowii ‘Rosa’s Blush’Rosa’s Blush Dwarf Blueberry
    New Young Crop; Ht 12-14″; Great foliage color now3264$28.95
Viburnum awabuki ‘Chindo’Chindo Viburnum
    Ht 36-38″; Look Good75$59.95
    Ready May 15th (Ht 5.5-6′ now; Filling in nicely)45139$289.95
Viburnum macrocephalum ‘Sterile’Chinese Snowball Viburnum
    Ready August3300$29.95
Viburnum obovatum ‘Raulston’s Hardy’Raulston’s Hardy Dwarf Viburnum
    Ht 13-14″ x Wd 18-20″; Very Nice; Full (Next Crop June 2021)316$28.95
Viburnum plicatum ‘Shasta’Shasta Doublefile Viburnum
    Ready June 15th7160$63.95
Viburnum plicatum ‘Summer Snowflake’Summer Snowflake Double-file Viburnum
    New Crop; Ht 20-22″ x Wd 20″; Very Full; Buds/Flowers771$75.95
Viburnum rhytidophyllum ‘Cree’Cree Viburnum
    Ready May 15-June 13100$29.95
Viburnum tinus ‘Shades of Pink’Shades of Pink Viburnum
    Ready June 1st5200$69.95
Viburnum x ‘Moonlit Lace’Moonlit Lace Viburnum
    Ht 14-15″ x Wd 18-20″; Very Nice; Full (Next Crop June)391$29.95
    Ht 26″ x Wd 28-30″; Look Good745$71.95
Viburnum x NantucketNantucket Viburnum
    Ht 28-32″; Buds; Nice351$23.95
Vitex agnus-castus ‘Shoal Creek’Shoal Creek Chaste
    Ready June 1st795$69.95
Vitex x ‘Flip Side’Flip Side Chaste Tree
    Ready June 1st1047$91.95
Vitex x ‘Summertime Blues’Summertime Blues Chaste Tree
    New Vitex (Small/Compact) Ht 24-25″ x Wd 24-26″; Nice74$89.95
Zelkova serrata ‘Goblin’Goblin Zelkova (Dwarf)
    Ht 5′ now; Nice; Full tops (Dwarf Zelkova)741$79.95
Zelkova serrata ‘Green Vase’Green Vase Zelkova
    Ht 9-9.5′; Cal 1.25″; Very Nice (Next Crop May – 250)794$75.95
    Ht 11-12′; Cal 1.5″+; Nice15200$139.95
    Ht 12′; Cal 2-2.25″; Very Nice259$259.95
Zelkova serrata ‘Mushashino’Mushashino Zelkova
    Ht 8′; Very Nice7131$75.95
    Ht 9-10′; Cal 1.75″; Look Good1595$139.95
    Ht 13′; Cal 2.25-2.5″ now; Nice2565$259.95
Zelkova serrata ‘Variegata’Variegated Japanese Zelkova
    Ht 8.5-9′; Cal 1.75-2″; Okay152$149.95

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