Terms of Service

Quoting Process
Quotes sre conducted via e-mail. We will attach an Excel file to you for your review.
If Excel is not readable, we can attach a PDF file.
Quotes are valid for 30 days. After that, we will re-certify as needed.
Prices are hand-typed. Please excuse any errors, as they will not be honored.
Initial sizes are not guaranteed. They are based on best data at time of quoting.

Customer may modify quote as follows:
Edit quantity by changing the values in column H.
Edit planting fee by changing the values in column F. Zero out fee for delivery-only.

To complete order:
Please e-mail back a reply with desired plants and quantities.
Re-attach quote if you like, but that is not required.
Pay deposit as needed, via check or PayPal.

Minimum Order Size
$100 minimum delivery-only order.
$200 minimum planting order.
$500 minimum order for free consultation.
Both plants and planting fees count toward minimum order size.
Mileage fee does not count toward minimum order size.

Personal check is preferred method. Make payable: ‘Trees2Go’.
Cash accepted. 1% discount for cash, check, or Venmo.
Credit Cards accepted. No debit cards accepted.

Merchant Equipment Store Credit Card Logos

Square c/c processing on-site, upon completion.
Paypal c/c processing on-line, anytime.

Sorry, no shopping cart, but you can type or attach info: mike@trees2go.com

A deposit is sometimes required. Balance is due upon delivery.
$25 returned check fee.
Accounts are past due after 30 days. 1% monthly interest on overdue accounts, as well as any collection or attorney’s fees.

Our prices are public, posted, and available for comparison. Everyone gets same price.

Volume Discount
Discount is automatic, detailed in quote you will receive.

over $200, take 1% off
over $300, take 2% off
over $400, take 3% off
over $600, take 4% off
over $800, take 5% off
over $1000, take 6% off
over $1700, take 7% off
over $2500, take 8% off
over $3700, take 9% off
over $5000, take 10% off

Volume Discount does not apply to mileage fee.
Sales tax also discounted.
Sales tax also counts toward discount level.

Volume Discount builds over multiple orders.
Amounts already paid will count toward discount level, on EVERY additional order.
Trees2Go tracks and reports (on Receipts) cumulative of amounts paid.
First order of $300 gets 2% off.
Second order of $300 gets 4% ($600 level reached).
Third order of $300 gets 5% ($800 level reached).