$100 minimum to local area (sales tax counts).

over $200, take 1% off
over $300, take 2% off
over $400, take 3% off
over $600, take 4% off
over $800, take 5% off
over $1000, take 6% off
over $1700, take 7% off
over $2500, take 8% off
over $3700, take 9% off
over $5000, take 10% off

Discount BUILDS over multiple orders. Example:
First $300 order is 2% off.
Second $300 order gets 4%
($600 level reached).
Third $300 order attains 5%
($800 level reached).

If plant is very under-sized, or not of reasonable quality, you may reject upon delivery.
Please notify us of health issues within 10 days of delivery.
For other than above reasons, 15% cancellation fee applies.

Try Price It page.
just view on-line, or,
download to get prices.
Call 919-266-7939
Ask for on-site consultation: let’s walk your property, share ideas, and create a plant schedule. $75 consult fee applies to $500+ order.

Quote via Mike@trees2go.com
Copy download back to me, or,
just email choices.

Mike reply no later than 24 hours.
Confirm by Sunday evening.
Deliver mid to late week.
Sometimes faster.

Price It manually updated – please excuse any errors.
Delivered plants carry NO long-term warranty
(except 10-days to verify health).
Quote good for 30 days, but availability not guaranteed.

upon delivery, please
Checks gladly accepted
Make payable: ‘Trees2Go’
Check or Venmo 1% off
Credit Cards OK, No debit

Merchant Equipment Store Credit Card Logos

Square c/c on-site.
Paypal c/c on-line.
A deposit is sometimes required. Balance is due upon delivery.
$25 returned check fee.
Accounts are past due after 30 days. 1% monthly interest on overdue accounts, as well as any collection or attorney’s fees.

919-266-7939 or Mike@trees2go.com
4920 Mial Plantation Road, Raleigh, NC 27610
sorry, nursery not staffed for visitors ~ website is store ~
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