(excavator contacts)
call 811, or ONLINE
Free service
to locate & mark public wired utilities.
Usually within 72 hours.
Color Coded Paint (washable):
Blue = Water
Green = Sewer
Orange = Phone and cable
Red = Power
Yellow = Gas


Can we plant this time of year?
ANY time
, except frozen plants
(no hard freeze overnight).
Roots grow year-round.
October to early spring ideal.
During heat? more watering.
Best time to plant is yesterday.

How big are ‘Gallon’ pots?

Pot Size Width x
1 gallon6″ x 6″5#
3 gallon11″ x 8″15#
5 gallon12″ x 9″30#
7 gallon13″ x 11″50#
10 gallon17″ x 12″70#
15 gallon16″ x 16″110#
20 gallon21″ x 14″150#
25 gallon22″ x 17″250#
45 gallon29″ x 18″400#
65 gallon30″ x 22″700#

No more planting?
BIG changes lately.
Went delivery-only 1/1/20
Leaner & quicker.
Bye-bye: “Trees&Shrubs” page
Hello: “Price It” (better)
Some things lost, more gained.

Who can plant my delivery?
Contact New View Planting
Chris Wade (5-year Trees2Go apprentice) will do it right. Includes soil, hormones, fertilizer, gel, mulch, Discount, and Service Warranty.
Mike & Chris are tight, often at site at same time.
T2G & NVP bill individually.

Why is this region so special?
NC has a LOT of growers.
Little winter snow.
Huge nearby markets.
from Coastal (salt-tolerant)
to Piedmont (us)
to Mountains (higher/colder)
Trees2Go delivers the best.

At least a WEEKLY watering.
if it RAINS good, DON’T water.
Half-inch+ counts as watering.
Shorter rainfalls miss roots.

Weekly is good, EXCEPT:
 location? or
OVER 90 degrees out?
Apply more water, more often.

UNDER 60 degrees out?
Apply LESS water, LESS often.

When do I reduce watering?
Reduce by HALF each year.
want faster growth? ignore this

Hand watering with water hose:
– 30 seconds to 3 minutes, varying by plant size.
– Fill tree-ring area gently.
– Use wide-mouth soaker nozzle.
– LOW pressure if open end hose.

Avoid overwatering!
Plants getting watered too often, and for weeks on end, may suffer root rot.
Over-watered plants can look like under-watered plants. Wilting or color change can occur either way. If watering has failed, go dry a few weeks. It may pick up.

New plantings may shed leaves.
Going from the care of a nursery to an exposed planting (more sun), plants may go into ‘shock’. Usually temporary; maintain water and wait for the plant to get comfortable. Often it will re-leaf, even late in season.

Problems may not be watering-related.
Disease, fungus, or insects may visit upon your plants anytime, anywhere.
Try a formula from your local home store, like, Bio-Advanced 3-in-1 Insect, Disease & Mite Control. Spray on foliage as needed ~ or to prevent.

Plant grew so fast, it is leaning!
Foliage often outgrows stem.
Give that plant a solid haircut.
Shear 1/3 to 1/2 off.
More off the heavy side.
It will straighten a bit.
It will be stronger.
It will regain old size fast.

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